Team Noble complete the Talisker Atlantic Challenge

Team Noble complete the Talisker Atlantic Challenge

February 19, 2018 0 By Helen Dennett

Plumbase customer Kris Elliot and brother Ben Elliot have completed the Talisker Atlantic Challenge! Sponsored by Plumbase, the duo completed the world’s toughest row in aid of The Firefighter’s Charity. Read the final update from Team Noble and their inspirational journey below!

Well, after 55 days 1 hour and 54 minutes we have arrived. Sorry about the delay in updating you, but the internet in Antigua is a bit slow and laid back, it’s the sunshine!

The last few days were quite tough as the winds never arrived to help us, that is, until two days before arrival when the wind and waves picked up. We had a fair distance to travel North in order to bring us into Antigua safely and we managed that, it was just hoping that we didn’t go too far. We knew we were on the right track though when one night we could see the glow of Antiguan lights, what a sight that was. A lot of emotions flowed but were we glad to see them. As you will remember Team Oarstruck, a Welsh Team, have never been too far away and the day before we arrived we could contact them on our VHF radio. This was going to be a race to the finish, though we’re not too sure whether you could class the two teams as competitive, we did, after all, meet up for breakfast in the middle of the race. However, we did have a plan to let Team Oarstruck go in first and we’d come in an hour later. This plan, like our other plans didn’t quite work as the winds and seas pushed us along, we didn’t need to row for the last 8 hours!! So in the end we were 200 meters away from Team Oarstruck as they crossed the line first. (on speaking to family after we arrived, this caused a few logistical problems for the organisers, Atlantic Campaigns, as never in the history of the challenge have two boats come in that close).

The reception we received was fantastic, two lots of Team supporters, Welsh and Scottish, cheering us in and the other people, locals, tourists and people who follow the row every year all shouting and cheering. Ships horns blaring, flares being set off and all for us. It was very humbling to see all this and indeed a bit surreal. You don’t realise it but after being just the two of us for 55 days the sight of all those people was quite scary. As we approached the jetty we could see family and friends, Kris saw his daughters, Fia and Mila and Blair his Wife whom he didn’t know was coming out to see him. It was a fantastic experience. However, work didn’t stop, we had medicals to do and tests to complete. Blair lost 2 stone and Kris just over 1 stone, but we were both healthy after that journey, apart from Blair’s finger which he burnt on the flare he set off as we crossed the finish line.

Once in we had interviews to do and photo’s to be taken, then we were taken to a tented area where we sat down……on cushions and had our first real meal, burger and chips washed down with a can of beer. After all that time at sea it was great. Then it was back to the family. We still had stuff to do, the boat needed cleaned and repacked for shipping back to the UK. We had immigration to go through and other admin stuff.

We will be back in the UK next week and will thank you individually for all your support. Without you all it would not have been possible. Team Noble consisted of many people, not just us two and everyone played a huge part. There have been various emotions, problems and successes and hopefully Team Noble will continue. Thank you for all of your support.


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