4 Bathroom Space & Storage Solutions

4 Bathroom Space & Storage Solutions

December 21, 2018 0 By Nicola Litchfield

For many, finding space and storage within the home can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to bathroom storage. Generally the smallest room in the house, bathrooms can become a struggle when you are trying to keep your toiletries and cleaning products off display. The room can quickly feel cramped and distant from the airy sanctuary you want.

Selecting the right furniture can transform a space. Not only can you utilise the room you have, but also will give your bathroom a coherent look. Bathroom storage can put meat on the bones of your bathroom, concealing exposes toilet cisterns, pedestals and pipes. Plus, nowadays there is an immeasurable range of styles, designs and brands available to choose from!


Slim Storage

It’s great when you find space in your home for an en-suite or a downstairs cloakroom suite. However, there is no denying these bathrooms can be tight to navigate around. So, making the most of every inch of space is vital.

This slim standing floor cabinet and basin from Parke & Taylor is an ideal unit for bathroom storage in a downstairs WC. Its stature saves space that would otherwise be filled by an overhang from a basin. The single cupboard underneath means you can keep extra toilet roll and cleaning things out of sight. Perfect for keeping the room tidy and uncluttered.


Parke & Taylor 400mm Floor Standing Cabinet & Basin White Gloss


‘Floating’ Furniture

Wall-hung and ‘floating’ units and fittings are becoming very popular. To keep a bathroom feeling spacious, hanging sanitaryware or furniture is great choice. It’s minimal and simple style injects an ultra-modern look into your bathroom.

This wall hung toilet from Suregraft is affordable and modern. It’s straight lines and rounded edges make it diverse, a suitable fit for most bathroom designs. The slim seat is also very desirable, as thin surfaces on kitchen and bathroom units are becoming fashionable in homes.

Suregraft Nelio Wall Hung Pan White


Corner Furniture

Corner furniture is ideal for cloakroom suites where you are limited on space. This Parke & Taylor unit keeps your basin tucked away in the corner, ensuring every bit of space is made useful.

With a two-door cupboard underneath, you also have room for all your bathroom items. In classic white gloss, this cabinet will keep your room bright, combating the cramped feel. Modern and sleek, it is another diverse and classic unit.

Additionally, the diagonal design of the cabinet provides more storage inside than a standard rectangular or square unit would allow for.


Parke & Taylor 2 Door Corner Cabinet & Basin White Gloss

Concealed Cistern

To create more space for tranquil candles and decorative items (important bathroom essentials), a concealed cistern can act as an additional bathroom shelf. Especially if you are already limited on wall space with mirrors or a cabinet.

Having too many storage units or shelves high up can make the room feel very busy, so space lower down should be utilised.

Having a concealed cistern also keeps your bathroom uniformed – rarely can you balance or indeed fit anything on top of an exposed cistern.

This Parke & Taylor piece is sturdy and looks great. Finished off in classic gloss white, it carries a 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

Parke & Taylor 600mm x 300mm W.C. Unit Only


Book a Design Visit

If you are still struggling to decide on some key furniture items to utilise your space, it could be worth booking a design visit. Our designers will take the measurements of your room and offer some expert advice on what will work well.

Depending on what you are after, the team can help you to select the perfect bathroom, with great style, and plenty of space and storage. It can be hard to visualise your new bathroom when your old one is looking right back at you!


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