Turn up the Pressure: Shower Pump Shopping

Turn up the Pressure: Shower Pump Shopping

November 27, 2018 0 By Nicola Litchfield

If for you, showering consists of huddling under a weak flow, a new pump could be just the ticket to revitalise your morning wash. However, when it comes to replacing your shower pump, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. With so many brands and product ratings, you find yourself asking, what are the benefits of a new shower pump? How do shower pumps work? Which one is right for my system?

Fear not, a new range is available to satisfy your showering needs. Salamander Pumps have re-engineered its centrifugal range of shower, bathroom and whole house water pumps. By introducing new cutting-edge technologies, the Right Pump range are some of the quietest, most compact and reliable pumps on the market.

The Right Pump range replaces the former ESP, RHP, RSP and RGP models. Much of the redevelopment has been done in response to feedback from installers and plumbers.


What Systems do Right Pumps Work with?

The Right Pump range features pumps suitable for both positive and negative head, gravity fed installations. You can typically recognise if your system is gravity fed if a cold-water storage tank is in the loft and a hot water cylinder is in the airing cupboard.

Pumps suitable for positive head can be positioned in an installation where there is more than 600mm from the bottom of the cold-water storage, to the highest point in the system after the pump. For example, the image on the left of the diagram shows a shower with pipework below the dotted line, indicating the 600mm point.

The universal variant can be used in both positive and negative head installations.

A negative head system needs a universal pump. If the outlet or the highest point in the system after the pump is above, or in line with 600mm below the cold-water storage tank, then the system has a negative head. The example on the right shows a shower above the 600mm point below the cold-water storage tank.


Which Shower Pump is right for Me?

What do you want your pump to do? Which pump should I choose for a gravity fed system?
Positive Head Negative Head
Single Shower – Individual shower with up to 100mm shower head RP50PT RP50TU
Single Shower / Small Bathroom – Smaller bathrooms and en-suites including showers with 125mm shower head or just the shower on its own. RP75PT RP75TU
Multiple Showers / Larger Bathrooms or Bathroom with Additional en-suite, including shower heads 150mm and larger. RP100PT RP100TU
Bathrooms that include showers with body jets and steam generators, commonly these include shower pods and standalone units. RP100TU RP100TU
Pump Hot Water Only – When cold-water comes from the mains and the hot water only needs to be pumped a single pump is needed. Bar to match mains pressure as close as possible. RP55SU RP55SU


Features and Benefits of the Right Pump Range

  • Noise Reduction – From just 45.5dBA, the products in the Right Pump range have low running noise and have been independently tested against the rest of the market. This was confirmed by the range achieving the Quiet Mark award. RP50PT is the quietest twin shower pump in the UK.

For some comparisons on noise levels and for more information on the RP50PT click here.

  • Easy Pump Selection – Crossover Technology TM makes these pumps ideal for individual outlet operation. This means they can pump to the shower, bathroom or whole house.
  • Electronic System Pump Protection – Identifying any unexpected system problem has been simplified through clear LED lighting.
  • Spider Web Design – The plastic outlet casing provides unrivalled strength and reliability.
  • Compact – The re-location of the pressure vessel has freed the space between the hoses. The compact design also means simple fitting in tight spaces.