Designer Radiators: Stay Warm & Stay in Style

Designer Radiators: Stay Warm & Stay in Style

October 12, 2018 0 By Nicola Litchfield

Radiators are present in every home. In our hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Essential for heating our homes, drying our clothes and towels, they need to perform. Efficiency is important to keep our costs down and our homes cosy. However, with more and more product options available, the aesthetic qualities of a radiator are now also a key consideration when shopping.

With a huge range to choose from, and with each radiator having its own charms, its important to find one that blends, as well as compliments your home decor. Here we have selected a few fantastic designer radiators, each with different styles. Of a brilliant quality and reasonable prices, your next radiator could become an elegant home feature.



Barlo Adagio 35 Horizontal Double

Whilst reminiscent of the traditional column radiator, the horizontal double panelled radiator is modernised. Its smooth finish and sideways facing fins give it a designer edge. It will certainly hold a presence in your space, its multi-column design being both homey and stylish. Without compromising on heat efficiency or performance, this radiator will complement a modern home design. Its straight lines are sleek and contemporary, whilst its soft edges make it ideal for a lounge or bedroom. However, being both glossy and comforting, this radiator will enhance any living space.


Ideal for welcoming people in an entrance hall or as the centre piece of your living room, this radiator can pull a room together. With potential as an attractive wall feature, this designer radiator adds modern detailing to your room, easy to colour match. The multi-panel design and horizontal placement add traditional embellishments to this radiator, creating an inviting atmosphere. The sideways fins heat the whole room and are a subtle but effective look. Perfect for a modern home, this designer radiator is contemporary and sharp, whilst echoing a traditional style.


Forward Panels

Barlo Slieve Vertical Single Panel

What makes the forward panelled radiator striking is its minimal and sleek look, whilst assuring its heating power and efficiency. The vertical panelled radiator combines both style and performance in an effortlessly modern way. Being tall and slim, it can slip into your home almost unnoticed, perfect if you are short on wall space. The vertical radiator heats from top to bottom, with straight lines and slim panels. Aligned close together to create a sharp, unified front, the forward-facing panels create a compact surface. As a result of this design, its slim stature doesn’t take away from its functionality. Perfect for an open hallway or landing, its height circulates heat without overpowering a space.

Equally, a designer panelled radiator can enhance other living spaces. Its minimalism makes it the perfect modern embellishment, especially in white. So, if installed in your kitchen or lounge it can enhance your other home fixtures. Your radiator becomes a key stylistic choice in the core of your home, more than an essential home appliance. Just like the statement armchair, the vertical panel radiator beams a decorative identity into the room, as well as heat.



Barlo Forza Horizontal 3 Column

With a similar style to that of a sturdy cast-iron, the multi-column radiator powers out the heat. With a far more traditional look, this radiator is certainly a statement piece. Its three columns take prominence in any space. This designer radiator’s classical features create an atmosphere of familiarity. It can make a home snug and complete, with its sturdy frame assuring its power. With brilliant heating performance and efficiency, the multi-column combines its established look with modern capabilities. Perfect for an open hallway, this is the radiator you dry your wet gloves and coat on, becoming as established feature within your home.

Although this radiator champions a traditional design, it can equally work with a diverse range of home styles. The multi-columned radiator bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary styling, encapsulating the best of both. Available in white, this designer radiator can complement and enhance modern home features. When in a contemporary lounge for example, its traditionalism can bring a vintage element to the space. This designer radiator brings the cosy and the familiar to your home, yet is diverse and eye-catching.