PlumbaseINVENT: Flueshoe

PlumbaseINVENT: Flueshoe

August 23, 2017 0 By Emma Wallond

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At the InstallerINVENT initiative at Installer2016, Simon Brown debuted the Flueshoe to hundreds of installers. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and the Flueshoe has been gaining notoriety in the market now for just over a year.

Priced at just £49.95 (Ex. VAT) and £29.95 (Ex. VAT) for the additional de-burring tool, the unique cutter ensures a secure hold to guarantee a safe and clean cut for your boiler flue.

An installer himself, Simon was tired of struggling to cut boiler flues to an accurate length in a clean, neat, easy way. Wondering why there wasn’t a designated tool to prevent this, he set out to develop a solution.

Speaking to the Plumbase team he said “On one occasion, I was cutting a flue outside over a garden bench in the rain. The tenant of the house must have seen me trying to keep the flue steady, so he came out and held the other end. Although this was a nice gesture on his part, it wasn’t the professionalism I was wishing to portray so decided right there and then that I had to think of an alternative solution.”

Developing the Flueshoe

Almost immediately, Simon went to work trying to come up with a long term solution. From rough sketches on paper to using sheets of polystyrene, he eventually found a prototype which worked in the safest way possible. “I realised that – by employing the flue trimmer discs – I had eliminated a considerable safety risk as the flue could not be cut too short.”

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After seeing Simon’s product and demonstration at the PlumbaseINVENT event in July, it was easy to see just how useful the Flueshoe is and what a difference it will make for the installers that use it. There are huge benefits to be had in terms of guaranteeing health and safety on site, something of even greater importance on projects with particularly large work forces where there are multiple flues to cut and install, and where apprentices may be entrusted with the task for the first time.

Heating Installer of the Year, Pete Booth (@PBPlumber) came along to Plumbase to demonstrate the capabilities of the Flueshoe for himself and prove just how easy a job flue-cutting can now be:

A quick, easy, lightweight and easily transportable method for cutting, the Flueshoe offers unique inner flue trimmers that have a predetermined cut to give the installer extra confidence that the inner flue has not been cut too short. The safety of the flue cannot therefore be compromised.

Changing the industry

A unique product on offer, the Flueshoe is bringing exciting times to the plumbing industry. Plumbase are thrilled to have the Flueshoe in stock at selected Plumbase branches, and we are really excited to continue to see Simon and his business grow.

You can hear more about Simon’s story and his time at PlumbaseINVENT below:

For more information and to purchase Flueshoe, simply head into your local branch, or buy online from the Plumbase website.

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Contributing writer: Tom Bullivant