A New Grundfos Pump Range is Circulating

A New Grundfos Pump Range is Circulating

January 21, 2019 0 By Nicola Litchfield

New domestic circulator pump range 2018:

  • Alpha3 15-50/60 – Premium new build & replacement model (apps – GO REMOTE & GO BALANCE)
  • Alpha1 15-50/60 – Mid range new build & replacement model
  • UPS3 15-50/65 – Standard replacement model (app – GO REPLACE)

UPS3 Pump Range

Because of its success with the first and second generations, a third generation of newly developed boiler-integrated variable-speed calculators are on the market. The UPM3 range is compatible with most boiler ranges and brands, and so can easily replace an old model.

It has been installed into millions of homes with modern boilers, having great success due to its reliability. Another reason may be due to the pump’s brilliant features. These circulators have a high-efficiency motor, permanent-magnet rotor, frequency converter and speed-control.


UPS3 15-50/65

The new domestic heating pump from Grundfos can replace the UPS2 15-50/60. Similarly, it works as a replacement for 130mm external heating circulator installations.


  • Higher efficiency – now EEI <0.20
  • Additional modes for underfloor heating
  • Automatic venting
  • Versatile installer plug
  • Faults trigger an alarm
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with UPS 15-xx series and ALPHA2L
  • Up to 6.5m head v 6m & max 60W v 48W
  • Ambient operating temperature of – 55°


This pump can additionally replace pre ErP integrated boiler pumps and can be used with the Grundfos GO REPLACE app! The GO REPLACE App features a helpful guide for installers. Simply open the app, take a photo of the pump nameplate, then enter the product number. As a result, you will see if the UPS3 is a suitable replacement.


Product Features

  • A user-friendly interface with simple set up and an alarm setting for notifications. Features four yellow LEDs, one red/ green LED and a single push button.
  • Also, a de-blocking feature automatically gets things moving again after a period of stagnation. There are also manual controls for de-blocking.
  • Ceramic shaft & bearings for durability. Also, water resistant and resistant to water impurities (magnetite in particular).
  • An installer plug for simple wiring. It can also be installed in different positions, and access to pump electronics is not required.
  • Easy re-positioning with four screws for installation and cleaning. Only one size of screwdriver IS required (PZ1).
  • 3 different control modes: 3 x constant curve modes, 2 x constant pressure control modes (for underfloor heating) and 2 x proportional pressure control modes.



Similarly, the Alpha range has been improved on following its previous successful technology. This range of high-efficiency circulators is for pumping hot water around your heating and water systems. Also, these pumps are near to silent due to their canned-rotor design and are maintenance free.


  • Model range is now simpler where one size fits all
  • Improved hydraulic flow in base
  • Greater efficiency of EEI <0.17 (htg) & <0.20 (hws)
  • Constant and proportional curves in 3 modes
  • Automatic de-blocking function
  • High torque start-up
  • Compact design for tight spaces


The ALPHA 15-50/60 is a mid-range pump for heating systems, with improved functionality and efficiency. This model is suitable for applications up to 6m so therefore can replace two superseded models (ALPHA2 L) – simpler for managing and transporting your stock!

A 5m pump, the ALPHA1 N is a better model for hot water re-circulation systems. Also, noteworthy features include a power consumption display, 3 speeds, and an ALPHA plug for easy installation.


  • Due to an electro coated pump base the pump is condensation & corrosion resistant.
  • The APLHA plug makes for simple installation – additionally mounted insulation shells are included as standard.
  • Magnetite resistance with a ceramic shaft and bearings.
  • Super energy efficient due to an advanced motor and hydraulics.
  • A robust start-up.
  • Easy to use user interface featuring a power display, constant speed mode, one-button operation, ALPHA plug, 3 constant pressure modes and 3 proportional pressure modes.


ALPHA3 (Model B)

Although a smaller pump, the Alpha3 packs a punch! Featuring built-in two-way communication to an app, it is compatible with both the Grundfos GO REMOTE, and the GO BALANCE app.


Because it is compatible with the two apps, there is no need for an ALPHA reader. With reporting, the apps can highlight potential issues with your pump. Furthermore, the AutoAdapt feature will also maintain your water pressure.




  • Simplifies installation when commissioning, troubleshooting or setting up your pumps operational activity.

Offers product information:

  • Easy reporting
  • Documentation and sizing tool
  • Setting up E-products
  • Access to ‘hard to reach’ installations



  • A reliable tool for balancing a hydraulic system.
  • For the installer, the app speeds up jobs and furthermore the whole process can be done by one person.
  • For homeowners, the app increases home comfort, saves money, and produces pump reports and documentation.

Product Features

The Grundfos apps allow for simple setting controls, monitoring & hydraulic balancing. Also, the AutoAdapt function is ideal for setting radiator and underfloor heating modes. Additionally, the Setpoint adjustment is applicable to proportional pressure, constant pressure and constant curve, between the maximum and minimum curve.


  • Protection from dry-running.
  • Pump returns to initial settings after pump-venting process.
  • Simple and easy to read pump display.
  • Torque start-up and automatic de-blocking features.
  • Communicates with smart device, therefore no reader is required!


For additional information head to the Grundfos website: https://uk.grundfos.com/campaigns/new-team.html