PlumbaseINVENT: Len Da Hand

PlumbaseINVENT: Len Da Hand

August 22, 2017 1 By Emma Wallond

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug

For many plumbers, the phrase ‘you often need three hands’, is a familiar one. Len Da Hand, designed and created by Adam Lowe of Shoe String Tools, is that extra helping hand and the perfect, transportable tool you should never be without.

Priced at just £23.95 (Ex. VAT), Len Da Hand offers an extra strong and flexible arm to support with a variety of projects.

The product took Adam six years and a lot of investment to fully develop, but he’s confident he has now launched the perfect tool that can help to support a pipe horizontally and vertically, while the attached steel arm supports pipes close to the joint for hassle-free soldering.

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug

The concept

Speaking about when he first came up with the idea, Adam explained, “It was during my own work that I realised I needed an extra hand to be quicker and more efficient. I looked online for a tool to help me but I couldn’t find a single one. That’s when I thought it was time a useful, lightweight tool was created for the industry.”

After rigorous testing to ensure Len Da Hand offered the right amount of strength and durability on all kinds of jobs, Adam is now confident the tool is the perfect ‘handy’ plumber’s mate.

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug
As well as the ability to be used for soldering, the strong clamp enables the tool to be fixed to pipes up to a diameter of 40mm. The clamp also includes two slots, so Len Da Hand can securely fix to other surfaces.

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug

Putting it to the test

With the product being so adaptable, there are endless ways of using it to make your working day easier, and those time-consuming jobs you usually dread can now be quick and simple. Keen to showcase the great ways that Len Da Hand can help with everyday tasks was Pete Booth, (@PBPlumber), who paid us a visit at Plumbase HQ to see how versatile the tool could really be:

Speaking about his attendance at the PlumbaseINVENT event in July, Adam commented how great it was to get vital feedback for the future. “When we went to the Installer2017 show, we received positive feedback from engineers and plumbers. The Plumbase initiative has helped us massively now too – it was great to get feedback from the marketing team, sales team and branch staff as it offered some different insight. We’ve had a great mix of advice which is a huge help as we develop further as a business.”

You can hear more about Adam’s story and experience at PlumbaseINVENT below:

A unique product on offer, Len Da Hand is quite a revolution for the plumbing industry. Although a simple, novel looking tool, its benefits are endless and Plumbase are thrilled to have Len Da Hand in stock and see the growth of Shoe String Tools in the future.

For more information and to purchase Len Da Hand, simply head into your local branch, or buy online from the Plumbase website.

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Contributing writer: Tom Bullivant