Our Best Baxi Boiler

Our Best Baxi Boiler

December 18, 2018 0 By Nicola Litchfield

A brand and boiler manufacturer known by all who install, Baxi have been about boilers in the UK since 1866. With a drive for producing efficient, simple to install boilers, they have an impressive number of years’ experience behind them.

Baxi have industry leading services available, such as free boiler parts and labour warranties. Confidence in their products shines through their practice, as they strive to make ‘life with Baxi as easy as possible.’


Part of the family

You may not know, that Baxi is a part of a much larger group of heating companies, called Baxi Heating. You will certainly recognise some of these household named brands who also deliver on quality heating products, services and solutions:

Potterton, Main Heating, Heatrae Sadia, Megaflo, Remeha, Andrews Water Heaters, Potterton Commercial and Packaged Plant Solutions are all also in the business of commercial and domestic heating.


Green Minded

Baxi are members of the BDR Thermea Group – a leading producer and distributor of heating products. They have an emphasis on low carbon emissions, efficiency and low running costs. Being a part of this group carries across to Baxi’s individual efforts to being greener. They have shown this recently through their support of the Future Gas Series project.

The Future Gas Series, headed by Carbon Connect, has three focuses across a range of issues within the industry. They relate to offering low carbon gas as a means of heating our homes:

  • Firstly, the project will see if the gas grid can be re-jigged to offer low carbon gas, and any potential consequences of doing this.
  • Then, the project will assess what is needed to produce low carbon gas and how it can be done.
  • And finally, the project will need to look at home our home appliances are manufactured and produced, so they can run and be supported by low carbon gas. This includes our heaters, cookers and boilers.
  • This is where Baxi come in. They will also need to assess how us, the public consumers, will manage transitioning to low carbon appliances.

This research into going low carbon is vital for steering the UK towards a carbon neutral way of life. Plus, it will help us to reduce our overall carbon footprint and meet our carbon usage targets.


Our Best Baxi

When it comes to the crux of it, a good manufacturer needs a good product. We believe here at Plumbase that Baxi have achieved this with the Baxi 228 Combi Boiler.

A compact but powerful model, this combi boiler provides more than enough hot water and heating for the whole home. Highly efficient, this combi boiler will ensure you aren’t paying more on your heating bills than you should be. Also, that you aren’t using more energy than you need – It is also boiler plus compliant.

Additionally, this boiler carries a 3-year part and labour warranty. This gives consumers peace of mind that should something be amiss, they won’t be going cold. However, it should be noted that all boilers need annual servicing and may not live up to their lifetime warranties if un-maintained.

It’s small stature allows this boiler to fit in tight places, for example in a kitchen unit (290mm deep). Or, if you like your appliance out of sight, this boiler is suitable for installation in garages and attics. To get a grip of how much energy you are using, the 228 Combi can also be controlled through an iPhone app.


For some tips on how to keep your boiler in tip top condition, visit our Guide to Good Central Heating.

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