PlumbaseINVENT: PipeSnug

PlumbaseINVENT: PipeSnug

August 21, 2017 2 By Emma Wallond

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug

One of this year’s newest inventions in the plumbing industry is PipeSnug, a quick, cheap and effective method for sealing a hole where a pipe exits the wall.

Now available at Plumbase and priced at just £4.95 (ex. VAT), this new, innovative product means the problems of messy mortar and expanding foam should be no more.

Chris Burdett, the creator of PipeSnug and a professionally-qualified bricklayer and builder for over twenty years, had had enough of preparing to point mortar around waste pipes and trying to obtain a clean finish. The task was time consuming – many builds had multiple entry points to correct and some were at particularly awkward locations and heights.

It was this which put the initial idea of PipeSnug into Chris’ mind. Working alongside his friend and business partner, Alex Lever, they formed Snug Solutions and spent three years developing the concept.

No point pointing

Created to suit a variety of plumbing or construction projects from loft conversions to kitchen and bathroom installations, the unique design of Pipe Snug is cost-effective, time-saving and easy-to-use.

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug
With the ability to be installed in just seconds, it can save a plumber up to £300 per month in reduced labour costs and materials. Also, the affordable product provides an air tight and water tight seal, which as well as being energy-efficient, also helps maintain the wall U-value.

The unique design leaves PipeSnug looking tidy and professional in any application. Heating Installer of the Year, Pete Booth (@PBPlumber) found out for himself when he came along to Plumbase to put PipeSnug to the test:

Since officially launching at Installer2017, Alex said the feedback he and Chris received had been brilliant. “Being able to show PipeSnug to the trade at Installer2017 and receive the incredible support and comments we did was a fantastic thrill. It made the three years of hard work all worthwhile.”


Both Chris and Alex attended the Plumbase Invent initiative in July, where staff took a look at a variety of exciting inventions, including PipeSnug. They received lots of positive feedback from Plumbase branch managers, regional managers and directors, particularly around the flexible use of PipeSnug for a variety of jobs across multiple projects.

You can hear more about Alex and Chris’ story here:

For more information and to purchase PipeSnug, simply head into your local branch, or buy online from the Plumbase website.

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Contributing writer: Tom Bullivant