Polypipe Make Sweeping Improvements to Traps & Waste Range

Polypipe Make Sweeping Improvements to Traps & Waste Range

January 30, 2019 0 By Nicola Litchfield

Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of above and below ground drainage and plastic plumbing systems, has rolled out a host of product improvements to its traps and waste ranges. These new products are designed to make the installer’s life easier and to provide benefits to the end user.

What’s more, Polypipe are supporting Plumbase Perks and the Big Cash Bash! So, you get more bang for your buck with every Polypipe product you purchase.


Firstly, Polypipe has re-engineered its traps range. Therefore, 92% of domestic applications can benefit from the improvements. This includes traps for use under sinks, baths and showers, and with appliances such as washing machines.

The first of these changes is patented Fit-Rite technology. Traps are often fitted in tight, hard-to-manoeuvre spaces – which can make it difficult to fit the product securely. Fit-Rite technology guides the product into place over the waste pipe, enabling the plumber to easily make a secure connection. Unlike competitor products, Polypipe’s insertion aid is easily removed by unscrewing the nut holding it in place. Therefore, there is no need to use stanley knives to cut out a fiddly, integrally-moulded part of the trap. The traps also feature innovative finned seals and precision engineered threaded nuts. This increases security and product performance, giving the plumber the confidence to ‘fit and forget’ a Polypipe trap.

P.S – You can also find these new features in Polypipe’s compression waste fittings.

These engineering advances are supported by robust, independent, quality accreditation. Polypipe is the ONLY company to offer traps with a British Standards Institution Kitemark.



Another UK exclusive is Polypipe’s inclusion of market leading BioCote™ across their entire waste system; including its traps range; the push-fit, ABS solvent-weld and compression waste fittings; and waste pipe. BioCote™ is an anti-microbial agent, scientifically proven to provide lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses by up to 99.99%. This makes Polypipe waste systems the only range on the market to incorporate antimicrobial technology.

The antimicrobial prevents the build-up of biofilm within the product. This reduces the opportunity for blockages to form, which could require the plumber to return to the property later. Also, it eliminates bad smells that could wash back up in to the property for the homeowner.

As BioCote™ is included at the moulding stage of the product, rather than as a coating, the antimicrobial protection will remain active for the lifetime of the product. This gives installers and home owners added peace of mind.

Help for Heroes

Finally, Polypipe’s range also includes a Help for Heroes endorsed product. This means that for every WP46 Bottle Trap sold, 79p will be donated to Polypipe’s chosen Charity Partner, Help for Heroes. Every year, over 14,000 servicemen and women leave the British Armed Forces, with one in four forging a new career in construction. This endorsed product is just one of the ways Polypipe is working with the charity in their mission. Providing recovery and support for the Armed Forces community whose lives are affected by their service.

These wide-reaching product innovations show Polypipe’s continued commitment to product research and development. The company continually invest in new manufacturing tools and processes, to deliver products that are at the forefront of technology.

Plumbase Perks

Polypipe are also proud to be supporting the brand-new initiative, Plumbase Perks!

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The Big Cash Bash

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