Quick Fit Q&A: Flushing valve installation without removing the cistern

August 8, 2016 1 By Sophie Weston

Quick Fit Flushing Valve

The Quick Fit is a quick and effective flushing mechanism which is perfectly suited to the busy installer. Changing a faulty flush valve can be a nightmare job as you have to remove the cistern. Rusted bolts and confined spaces mean access can be limited. The danger of damaging the cistern can be a real issue, a problem that the Quick Fit solves. The advantages to the installer when using the Quick Fit is not only the time saving aspect, it also makes it unnecessary for the installer to remove hard to reach bolts. Thanks to its patented system the Quick Fit flush valve fits directly into the existing installation without removing the cistern, we are so confident in our innovation that we offer a 10 year guarantee.

Question: Will the Quick Fit fit all cisterns?

Answer: The Quick-Fit will be compatible with all close coupled toilets with a 2” outlet.


Question: If the Quick Fit does not seal first time what do I do?

Answer: Make sure your cistern is dry and free from debris and silicone.

The base can be removed and re-installed up to 10 minutes after the first installation. Just push the butyl back into place around the base and install again.


Question: How do I know this will seal and stick?

Answer: The material used in the butyl seal on the Quick Fit is used to attach car windscreens, waterproof membranes in wet rooms and used to adhere to swimming pool liners!


Question: What happens if the back nut falls off the retaining nut holder once I have taken the old base off?

Answer: You can use the retaining holder to retrieve the fallen nut and then continue with the installation.


Question: Old base has an overflow attached and will not turn in cisterns?

Answer: If the overflow is attached to the base this will need cutting off (use a metal spatula, heat it up and cut off the overflow).


Question: Will the flow rate decrease with the Quick Fit?

Answer: WRAS in the UK is tested at 1.85 l/sec, Quick-Fit flushes at 2.5 l/sec.


Watch the Quick Fit Installation video:

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