Roman: Keeping bathroom installers at the forefront of their business

September 16, 2016 0 By Sophie Weston

Roman: Keeping bathroom Installers at the forefront of their business

Keeping bathroom Installers at the forefront of their consistent and creative product innovation has enabled Roman to achieve a strong position in the Market Place. David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, answers your questions around how Roman has become the brand bathroom Installers trust today.

How have showering solutions changed over the past five years and how do you feel this has affected the installer?

Whilst frameless and semi-frameless for 6-8mm thick glass has developed, the biggest change has been the establishment of 10mm thick glass as mainstream top end products. Almost every 10mm product requires a second installer to get the product in place due to their frameless nature and weight.

When you design a new product is it all about end-user form and function, or do you make compromises for the installer?

As the leading UK manufacturer we definitely include the bathroom Installer throughout our design process and our own Installers form part of our product development process. The end user drives the look of the product but they also have to be installed easily. We do not compromise installation for style; we ensure that the products can be both stylish and installed easily.

Give an example of how your designs have improved for the installer over the past 5 years or so.

All of our frameless and semi-frameless enclosures follow the same installation and sealing methods without exception. Once you have installed one Roman enclosure the rest will follow suit.

Our Decem range is frameless which requires different installation and sealing methods. Decem is a second generation product from our Sculptures range and the product practices look similar, but from the installer’s point of view they are vastly easier. The Water Safe system has been introduced which makes frameless 10mm products easy to seal to provide a high level of water integrity. Some bracing systems in the marketplace could take longer to install than the actual product but Roman’s feature one straight forward bracing system that covers all of our products.

How recognisable are your showering solutions to the installer and how are they perceived by the installer?

Our 10mm range features our recognisable Water Safe system. This takes the grey area away from the bathroom Installer when fitting all of our frameless 10mm enclosures.

How do you know what installers want?

Our own installation team are heavily involved in our design process and we make sure we receive their feedback through the design and installation process. We ensure that we get feedback on the ease of installation, the time taken to install the products and our instruction manuals.

How important is after-sales-service to this sector and how do you minimise installation problems for yourselves or retailers?

After sales service is critical and as a UK manufacturer we like to create a big differential from ourselves to imported competitors. Our customer service team have all worked in installation or production so they know the product intimately and what common issues arise when installing products and the time pressure that the fitters face.

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