Roman promote Product Compliance with Prestigious Industry Award

Roman promote Product Compliance with Prestigious Industry Award

December 24, 2018 0 By Nicola Litchfield
Above Image: Yvonne Orgill (CEO, BMA), The Lady Baroness Maddock, David Osborne (Managing Director at Roman), Laura Knox (Marketing Communications Manager at Roman) and Anna Scothern (Executive Director, NHIC)


Suitably in black tie and formal dress, Roman received industry recognition at the annual NHIC awards this November. Held at the renowned Whitehall Place, the evening saw companies within the home sector receive awards for their work throughout 2018.

The NHIC (National Home Improvement Council) offer awards to companies across several categories, all carrying prestige and recognition towards their efforts. They include, Delivering Community Benefit through Home Improvement, Best Use of Aluminium Systems for Windows Doors and Facades, Innovation and Education to Reduce Fuel Poverty, The Business that has delivered the Highest Levels of Consumer Confidence to its Customers, The George Clarke Medal and Innovation and Initiatives to Promote Consumer Safety Through Compliance in Bathroom Products.


Big smiles on their achievement from David and Laura from Roman


Roman, the 2018 Winners

For their outstanding commitment to product quality and consumer safety, Roman took home the Innovation and Initiatives to Promote Consumer Safety Through Compliance in Bathroom Products award. They we’re particularly celebrated for their continued dedication to CE marking and product testing. Ensuring all products have the CE mark, Roman give their customers and the installers of their products peace of mind that all have been tested to the highest standard.

This award recognises those who strive to promote total compliance when it comes to product quality and installation. The category also identifies pioneering practices and schemes that drive standards to protect consumers from non-compliant products or poor installation. This holds great importance and significance; the Grenfell Tower tragedy demonstrated the catastrophic consequences and real dangers of non-compliant home products. Compliance and consumer safety has also become a key priority for the industry since the Government launched a new Office for Product Safety back in January.


The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA)

This award was sponsored by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 80 bathroom product manufacturers. A non-profit organisation, it has influence within the industry and campaigns to spread awareness amongst consumers of product standards and safety. Furthermore, they aim to ensure products are ‘fit for purpose’, are CE marked, and to rid the industry of non-compliant operators.

For 44 years the NHIC Awards have been paying recognition to those in the home sector. Growing over the years, the awards and their brilliant event are highly regarded and respected.

Congratulations to Roman on achieving this fantastic award, and for prioritising consumer safety and compliance standards.