Showrooms: Good Business Sense

Showrooms: Good Business Sense

August 29, 2018 0 By Helen Dennett

To celebrate the launch of 3 new showrooms in our Essex region, we wanted to share how you can use Showrooms to boost your business.

Customers Satisfaction:

Keeping customers happy is the most important aspect of any job, Showrooms can help you do just that! By taking customers around and letting them identify what they want in their Bathroom or Kitchen, you avoid the possibly awkward unhappy customer who ended up with something they weren’t expecting. Your customers can specify exactly what they want, designing their ideal kitchen or bathroom, saving you valuable time. Plus, you know you’ll have excellent customer satisfaction for a job well done!

Save your credit:

Our showrooms are open to the public and the trade, meaning that your customers can purchase their perfect bathroom themselves. This saves your valuable credit with Plumbase, meaning you can do more without having to worry about hitting any limits. Customers can rest easy knowing they’ve got a great price, and you can relax knowing that your credit limit remains safely intact for future work!

Get the best value:

If you do decide to purchase for your customers, you know that you can rely on Plumbase for great quality, at a great price. Our own brand Suregraft is hand-picked by our team to ensure the highest quality and the best prices, along with your personal pricing policy means great value for you!

Stay on trend:

Our bathroom showrooms are full of the latest trends in bathrooms, from wet rooms to wall panelling, you can rely on us to help you design the perfect bathroom! Our showrooms offer home design visits and can help your customer to visualise their ideal bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Expert Support:

Here at Plumbase, we are proud to support the professionals and our showroom staff are always on hand to answer any questions, give you expert advice or be on call to help you with whatever you might need!


Find your local showroom here.