Stay Sealed with the New TF1 Sigma Filter

Stay Sealed with the New TF1 Sigma Filter

March 6, 2019 0 By Nicola Litchfield
An industry first, the new Fernox TF1 Sigma Filter – is the only sealed, no lid, composite polymer filter available with slip socket and with valves connections on the market. This latest innovation from Fernox optimises installer choice and is an exciting new addition to the Fernox TF1 Filter sealed, brass range.

Best Practice

 Manufactured from precision engineered composite polymer, for the ultimate in reliability and strength, the TF1 Sigma Filter saves additional time on site when installing and servicing. Debris is removed quickly, without any mess, through the drain valve. Its unique, watertight, no lid design means there are no ongoing servicing costs. Replacement ‘O’ rings are not required over the lifetime of the filter, unlike traditional plastic lidded filters which need replacement ‘O’ rings at annual service.
This is an additional cost for spare parts, but also time spent on site for the installer and service engineer to swap the replacement parts.

Fitting a system filter within a central heating system is now viewed as best practice. It ensures that any sludge or debris in the system is removed before damaging build-up occurs, causing boiler breakdown and system failure.
So, choosing the right one to suit the installer and homeowner is key. Not only that, but a sludged system uses more fuel to reach temperature and increases the carbon footprint of the system. Not good for the environment or homeowner’s gas bills!

Filter Innovation

 The innovative features of the TF1 Sigma Filter sets it apart from other plastic filters. Not only because it is made from robust, high grade composite polymer, but it does not have a removable lid. Lids are required to service a lidded filter, so the installer must open the lid and remove any debris build-up, which can be a messy business. All lidded filters have an ‘O’ ring which sits between the filter body and the lid, to ensure a watertight seal. Once the filter lid is removed the seal is broken so the ‘O’ ring must be replaced when the filter is re-assembled after cleaning, otherwise the lid is at 


risk of leaking. Installers will have to return to site to replace the ‘O’ ring. Filters using a lid (and therefore an ‘O’ ring) have ongoing maintenance costs, as new ‘O’ rings need to be purchased and fitted. This method of cleaning can also be time consuming and messy, especially if the filter is full of debris.
The Fernox TF1 Sigma Filter, offers an ideal solution as the first non-lidded composite polymer filter in the UK. Using Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology and magnetic filtration to remove system debris quickly and efficiently from a domestic heating system.
The HPS decreases the velocity of both magnetic and non-magnetic particles within the system as they pass through the filter. This ensures that the magnet can effectively capture the magnetic debris, whilst the non-magnetic debris is encouraged to settle in the body of the filter. The magnet is made using a premium grade of neodymium, which guarantees a highly efficient capture rate, for continued and consistent levels of collection.

This is how a magnetic filter works:

Both types of debris are removed during the draining process – simply by removing the magnet, allowing the magnetic debris to drop to the ‘Quiet area’ at the bottom of the filter for removal via the controllable drain valve, without the risk of splashes or drips.

Installer Feedback & Customer Needs

As the TF1 Sigma Filter does not have a lid it remains watertight. This is achieved by the double radial seals located between the upper and lower mouldings within the body of the filter, and between the manifold and the main body, so performance levels and reliability are unaffected.
The TF1 Sigma Filter was devised in response to installer and customer feedback taking into consideration customer needs.
The TF1 Sigma Filter can be installed in several pipework orientations, including horizontal, vertical, or at any point around the full 360º orientation; and can function effectively when positioned up to 45º from vertical. The filter is available with either high-quality valves or slip-socket connections – depending on installer preference – and there is also a 22mm version and a 28mm version, making the TF1 Sigma Filter suitable for a whole range of applications.


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