PlumbaseINVENT: Tubfix

PlumbaseINVENT: Tubfix

August 25, 2017 0 By Emma Wallond

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Tubfix, an innovative bath frame construction kit, eliminates the hassle of getting the correct heights for your bath framework. Instead of the usual struggles associated with creating a wooden frame, Tubfix offers a cost effective, time saving, reliable solution.

Priced at just £39.95 (Ex. VAT) for the front panel and £22.95 (Ex. VAT) for the end panel, you can now benefit from a bath frame that takes just 30 minutes to install.

Forward-thinking inventor Laurence Beeke was one day replacing a bath when he came across the typical problem of fixing a wooden frame neatly and securing the narrow lip of the bath to support it, as well as making it strong enough to support a tiled finish.

A gap in the market

Straight away, he noticed there was no product on the market to combat these typical problems. So, Laurence developed a quick and easy, stable and secure bath and panel fixing framework.

Speaking about the short period of time it took for Tubfix to be produced from his first sketch on paper, Laurence said, “It was surprisingly quick. It only took around nine months, which was from the initial drawings and planning on a computer, to the product actually being shipped.”

PlumbaseINVENT PipeSnug

Valuable feedback

Laurence stated the most rewarding part of his journey was receiving such positive feedback from the PlumbaseINVENT initiative in July. “To see people’s reactions were fantastic. The feedback at Installer2017 was really positive too, but I was delighted that a national retailer such as Plumbase showed so much interest. I’m so grateful for the chance to have my product in branches across the country.”

You can hear more about Laurence’s story and time at PlumbaseINVENT below:

A unique product on offer, Tubfix is set to change the industry for bath frames and finishes, especially for projects where it can be a struggle to secure the frame under the lip.

Plumbase are thrilled to have Tubfix in stock and we are really excited to see Laurence’s business grow further.

For more information and to purchase Tubfix, simply head into your local branch, or buy online from the Plumbase website.

You can find more information on Tubfix here.

Contributing writer: Tom Bullivant