Feel the Heat Beneath your Feet

Feel the Heat Beneath your Feet

March 12, 2019 0 By Nicola Litchfield

With a range of under floor heating options to choose from, and benefits beyond warm feet in the morning, UFH has grown and grown in popularity. This can be said for home owners, and installers. The invisible nature of UFH and its lavish feel is a huge attraction for many. Large radiators can be subsidised for an UFH system, warming the room more efficiently.

Having nightmare visions of ripping up floorboards and your home unravelling? Installing an UFH heating system can take just a few hours, over pre-existing floor deck. Additionally, UFH maintains a gentle temperature to heat your room. Ideal if you have small children or pets. Keeping it low and slow will impact your heating bills, and is generally more efficient and sustainable. Tick for the environment, and the wallet.

Heating from underfoot can improve the air quality in your home. We are all familiar with the unholy sight behind a radiator. Dust. Which when we turn our heating on, is regrettably circulated around the room. Concealed beneath the floor, UFH is all-round gentler and cleaner than radiators.

With bespoke options available, communication with homeowners who are considering the plunge beneath the floor is vital. For installers, expanding your skills set will allow you to tap into this growing heating trend.


Types of UFH System


There are two types of UFH systems to choose from. Wet and dry. Or, water and electric. Each have their pros and cons. It is up to the home owner’s personal preference and needs. For Gas Safe Registered engineers, getting the hang of a water system will open up great business opportunities. You will have many of the skills needed already.


Polypipe UFH Specialist Branches

Polypipe offer reliable underfloor heating systems, which can be custom built for your space. Whatever shape or size it may be. Plumbase have a great number of branches who are specialist stockists for Polypipe UFH. If you think this may be the new way to heat your home, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to advise you with:

Bognor Regis, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Crowborough, Haslemere, Heathfied, Hove, Tunbridge Wells, Morpeth, Northallerton, Sunderland, Bath, 


Bridgwater, Lymington, Winchester, Yeovil, Bolton, Heywood, Kendal, Manchester, Nelson, Ormskirk, Bedford, Orpington, Bude, Plymouth, Redruth & St Austell


Getting Qualified & Talking to Customers

Plumbase and Polypipe have teamed up and now offer a training programme where installers can get to grips with UFH. It is a brilliant opportunity to expand initial skills, widening potential business. The training day is held at one of Polypipe’s specialist training facilities. Those who attend will receive a nationally recognised BPEC qualification in warm water UFH.


In addition to this, installers will get to see behind the scenes where Polypipe manufacture their 50 year warranty products. Another great chance to pick up some information to relay to customers!


When the programme is completed, installers will become a recognised member of the Polypipe Registered Installer Network (the Polypipe RIN). To get involved with this training, simply contact your local Plumbase branch for more information.


Find your local branch by clicking here.