Viessmann Boiler Range Wins Which? Best Buy Status!

Viessmann Boiler Range Wins Which? Best Buy Status!

February 7, 2019 0 By Nicola Litchfield

When it comes to boilers, it’s fair to say people value performance, and quality. A new boiler is not a small purchase, and neither is it something we have set aside money to cover. Which is why it is so important to know your stuff when the time comes for a new home heater. You want a boiler that is, a) going to last, b) value for money, c) performs well, and d) won’t break down! These requirements can be summed up in the word ‘reliable’, or perhaps the word ‘Viessmann’. Also, as we do with most larger purchases, we consult our nearest and dearest. You’ll want an opinion from someone who has, or knows, the boiler brand you’re going with.

Which? is Which?

It is absolutely right to seek a second, or even third opinion. For those however who do not move within plumbing and heating circles, it can be hard to decipher the true quality of something from its online features and benefits. That’s why independent investigations and reviews, such as those from trusted consumer body Which?, are so handy. Back in May 2018 Which? ran their latest survey to see how tip top the boilers of Britain really are. By asking just short of 12,000 boiler owners and 166 Trusted Traders heating engineers, you could say they got to the bottom of it.

The report concludes that Viessmann boilers “have excellent build quality, are easy to repair and even non-incentivised heating engineers would recommend them.”

Viessmann’s brand score came in at 84%, for reliability, customer scores, and engineer’s opinions. The Vitodens range has thus achieved Which? Best Buy status, for the second year running! Which? is an independent investigative body, so you can be assured their assessments are fair and impartial.

The Vitodens Range

Here is a run down of the range reviewed by Which?, in case you are in the market for a new boiler!

Also, as a side note for the boiler category, in previous years only one other boiler brand has been assured for their reliability by Which? best buy. Heating engineers ‘put Viessmann on a pedestal as the very best on the market,’ and hail it as a ‘fantastically reliable boiler brand.’

The survey deduced that the leap in points between brands often came down to the reliability and customer satisfaction. People were also asked if they had encountered any faults or breakdowns since its installation.


Good for Homeowners & Good for Professionals

Taking the Vitodens 050-W Combi 29kW as an example demonstrates how Viessmann boilers serve plumbing professionals and heating engineers, as well as end users. This low-cost gas condensing boiler is compact in size. Furthermore, being lightweight makes installation simple and easy for those having to lug it around. This is additionally beneficial for homeowners who don’t have heaps of space.

“Two-thirds of owners would definitely recommend their Viessmann boiler to a friend. Engineers are positive about Viessmann too.”

Some other great plus points of the Vitodens range, are they have low carbon emissions, have a user-friendly digital interface and a top-quality stainless-steel heat exchanger. They are also highly efficient (97%) and perform well. So, although a Viessmann boiler might have a higher initial cost, you will certainly save money in the long run on heating bills and break down costs. FYI, the Vitodens 050-W has a 7-year warranty for trained installers.



& The Big Cash Bash

As well as having the stamp of approval from Which? there is another reason for you to shop Viessmann boilers at the moment. Viessmann are a key sponsor of The Big Cash Bash competition, and with Viessmann, you get TRIPLE entries!

For those unfamiliar with the competition, until the end of March, if you have an account with Plumbase (very easy to open one if you don’t have one currently, click here to get started) and spend £100, you will be entered into our prize draw. You could take home either £50,000, £10,000 or £5,000! However, if you spend £100 with our supporting suppliers, you can double or triple your chances. Putting that into context for Viessmann, buying the Vitodens 050-W Combi 29kW Boiler will bag you 15 entries!

For the drill down of which brands you need to look out for, click here to our Big Cash Bash blog. Or alternatively, you can click here, which will take you to the competition page.